Belated Happy New Year 2016!

Nethmin Warna Dental care, Odiham Dentist Leave a comment

It’s a bit later than usual but I would like to say Happy New Year to all our patients and colleagues! Thank you for all your support over 2015. We are now getting settled into 2016 and we hope we continue to our excellent service into 2016 and beyond.

Over the next year I hope to blog just a little more and hopefully give you an idea as to what we do at Odiham Dental Care.

Having a Team meal.

For a start I am now available at the practice more hours although that time seems to be filling up quickly. After 4 years of service I decided to leave my role as a Domiciliary Dental Officer. The experience was fantastic and will miss my patients and the Staff. It has allowed me to gain some invaluable knowledge which I can bring into Odiham Dental, for example dental care of the elderly – I’ll blog on this later in the year.

If there is anything you would like me to blog about just ask and I’ll try my best!

Hope to see you soon

Best wishes for a happy 2016!


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