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Straighter Smile? Find out how at our open evening

To find out how cosmetic braces and Invisalign® can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted, why not come along to our Open Evening? We’re launching our brand new Invisalign® and Cfast cosmetic braces service at a special Read more

Receptionist needed

Fantastic opportunity to be part of our small, friendly team. We are looking for a Receptionist to cover alternate Tuesdays and Saturdays and holiday cover at our private dental practice in Odiham. We would like a strong team player with Read more

CQC - Who are they?

Hope you all had a good Easter. I just though I would add a short blog about who the CQC are. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) are a regulatory body that inspect a number health organisations. They ensure these organisations Read more

What to look for when choosing a dental practice

There are a number of dentists surrounding the village of Odiham. So what should you look for when choosing the right dentist for you? Dentistry is a very personal service and should be based on a trusting, professional relationship with Read more

Straighter Smile? Find out how at our open evening

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To find out how cosmetic braces and Invisalign® can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted, why not come along to our Open Evening?

We’re launching our brand new Invisalign® and Cfast cosmetic braces service at a special Open Evening on Tuesday 1 November, from 6-8pm at Odiham Dental Care on Odiham High Street.


Dr Pardeep Padda

You’ll have the chance to meet our highly trained, friendly team and our newest member, Dr Pardeep Padda. Pardeep has years of expert experience and a passion for creating beautiful smiles.

This is a great opportunity for you to come along with your friends and family and take the opportunity to meet our dentists. During the evening you will be able to get as much guidance as you need to make an informed choice about getting that perfect smile, or just learn more about our treatment options.

Braces have changed and there is now a wide range of choices, so come along on 1 November and find out more. The event is open to all of our patients and to non-patients who are interested in finding out more, with no obligation.

There’s no need to book in advance, just come along between 6-8pm, enjoy a glass of bubbly and some nibbles, pick up a goody bag and say hello to our team.

If you have any questions regarding the open evening or would like to get in touch to find out more about our cosmetic braces services, please email or call 01256 636472. Visit our website at


Receptionist needed

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Fantastic opportunity to be part of our small, friendly team.

We are looking for a Receptionist to cover alternate Tuesdays and Saturdays and holiday cover at our private dental practice in Odiham. We would like a strong team player with excellent communication and customer service skills. Dental reception experience not essential.

Email to get an application form or drop into Odiham Dental Care, 45b High Street, Odiham, Hants RG29 1LF.

Starting date for role: As soon as possibe

CQC – Who are they?

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Hope you all had a good Easter. I just though I would add a short blog about who the CQC are.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) are a regulatory body that inspect a number health organisations. They ensure these organisations are safe, effective, caring, responsive to peoples needs, and well led. We hope that at Odiham Dental Care we are all of these and more.

As the CQC felt that dental practices generally were ‘low risk’ (which I strongly agree with – most of us really do try our best)! The CQC intend to inspect 10% of practices in England every year and others which they may have specific concerns about.

Our last inspection was in August 2014, so nearly 2 years ago, but here is the report if you are interested. It is a very positive report and we hope to maintain this at future inspections.

Look forward to seeing you soon






What to look for when choosing a dental practice

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There are a number of dentists surrounding the village of Odiham. So what should you look for when choosing the right dentist for you?

Dentistry is a very personal service and should be based on a trusting, professional relationship with a Dentist. It is important to be able to have a positive link with the other members of the dental team and it’s always nice to see a friendly face. There are however a few other factors that might be taken into consideration.

1. Have you had a recommendation? Generally a happy customer would always recommend their Dentist. Maybe ask a good friend where they go.

2. Have others made positive comments about the practice. Have you seen any recent testimonials?

3. How easily can you access practice information e.g. a practice website or request a practice brochure. A website and brochure should have key information maybe some pictures of staff showing who you are to meet. A price list would also be useful.

4. Can you contact the practice easily, maybe via phone, or e mail or a contact form on a website?

5. On first contact are you greeted in friendly way where staff gives you all the information they can as accurately as they can.

6. Does the dental practice seem flexible? Are you able to get evening and Saturday appointments and is the Dentist able to contact you prior to you attending addressing any initial concerns you may have.

7.  How easy is it to access the practice? Is there space for buggies and good wheelchair access?

8. Can you access out of hours care at the practice and get any advice or be seen if required?

There may be more so please feel free to comment!

It goes without saying that at Odiham Dental Care we feel we offer all the above and more!

In later blogs I will post on what to maybe look out for during your visits and maybe after your visit too.

We look forward to seeing you soon


Odiham Dental Care is a dentist on the Odiham High Street. Offering excellent dentistry with a caring approach

Dental Care as we get older

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I think the following topic is so important especially having had some fantastic experience as a domiciliary dental officer. We are all living longer (the National Office of Statistics has all the figures) and we are keeping our teeth longer. Dentures are getting less common particularly full Dentures. The oldest person I have seen was 104 who had no teeth however I have seen a 101 year old with pretty much all their teeth! We are also having more complex dentistry performed in our mouths.

As we get older our oral health needs more regular monitorinElderly Careg. Various factors may affect our oral health.

We may be taking more medication. Some of which have side effects for example a dry mouth. Saliva is important in the neutralising of acids in the mouth without it could result in an increased risk of decay.

Our dexterity can reduce making cleaning our teeth harder leaving more food and plaque behind which could result in decay and also gum disease.

A difficult subject, but also our mental health could deteriorate (for example dementia) and we could forget to brush our teeth. We may be reliant on a carer brushing our teeth who may find it hard to brush your teeth and unfortunately some won’t have the time to brush your teeth as well as you did. A small proportion will also neglect to brush your teeth. If you can it’s great to have ‘dental care’ in any care plan you may have as you get older (e.g. in care homes) and perhaps ask your family members in advance to raise this if you cannot.

Some research has shown a link between inflammation in the mouth and a deteriorating dementia. Dental Pain can definitely be a trigger to change in behaviour in individuals with dementia, for example avoiding food and not sleeping and I have seen this personally.

More of us are retaining teeth. Possibly the biggest factor has been the use of fluoride.

This gives the Dentist a harder challenge. We still see many of the ‘heavy metal generation’. Either post war where sugar consumption increased with the consequence of having lots of large amalgam fillings or the baby boomers who may have more disposable income resulting in more complex dental work. Individuals also want to save teeth where possible.

There are however options in this potential challenging situation of old age! Loosing teeth does not have to part of getting older.

Bonded white fillings can often be a great alternative to a traditional crown.

Tooth whitening can brighten you smile and make your teeth look more healthy.

Old discoloured crowns can be replaced with natural looking cosmetic crowns.

Implants have replaced dentures although in some instances a well designed and constructed chrome denture can ‘fit like a glove’.

We understand gum disease better. As long as we spend the time and care in this area we can slow or in some cases eliminate its progression.

Root canal treatment and re root canal treatments can be performed with the use of magnification and nickel titanium instruments. Fibre post can then be used to build up and reinforce teeth.

Some really manage well with full dentures so it could be the right solution for you or maybe you need your old denture replaced (if it’s loose and worn) to a more natural looking denture. A well-made denture can be a fantastic alternative to implants for example.

A key consideration when treating the older patient is also ‘planning for failure’ – being realistic as to what we can and can’t treat and thinking if that fails we can fall back on another treatment option. This means we need to take a holistic approach and treat the whole mouth rather than ‘single tooth dentistry’ which unfortunately happens so often.

At Odiham Dental with our experience and the time and effort we put in to our patients care we can help achieve and maintain a healthy mouth as we get older.

We do have wheelchair access too and have a large, bright and accessible treatment room. We can also organise home visits if required to provide basic treatment.

I look forward to seeing your teeth soon!



Sound of Periodontitis

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An interesting video about gum disease from the European Federation of Periodontology

Our most recent Comments

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We have a comments book in our reception area and here are some of our most recent comments.

As soon as I met Nethmin (this was in Fleet, so before he came to Odiham), I was immediately struck by his competence, thoroughness and professionalism. Both he and the staff have been superb throughout. As far as dental visits can be a pleasure – they are here! Highly recommended. Dr Iain Eggling

Best service I ever had. Staff were extremely professional and helpful. I would highly recommend this dentist. J. Northropp

I was terrified of the dentist but knew that I had to get my teeth sorted and really wanted and dreamed  of a lovely smile. Well I met Nethmin over a year ago, who put me at so much ease. I have had work done and I’m so happy with my results that I even smile a lot. My biggest challenge was to go to the dentist on my own and I can now really say that’s what I do. But it’s all down to these guys. Thank you so much.  Mrs White

We first met Anna as my son was referred to children’s dentist because of his fear of dentists. Anna conquered his fear with her kind, calm manner and he is now more than happy to sit in the chair rather than run out of it. Both Anna and Nethmin now treat the whole family they are always exceptional along with the whole staff. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you. The Robson family

Have a great weekend


PS we are open Saturdays and some evening so if you are struggling to get to the Dentist during the week give us a call to see our availability.

Keep your kids smiling!

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Hello again. This is a really hot topic at the moment. There have been a number of articles in the press recently regarding Children teeth. Tooth decay is the main reason children are admitted for General anaesthetics in this country – a statistic we should be embarrassed about as a nation (remember having a  general anaesthetic carries many risks from simple nausea to death). We give the information below to most of our parents and prevention is key here. It’s a bit wordy but definitely worth the read!

How to Help Care for Your Child’s TeethKids

Sugar causes dental decay. When we eat something containing sugar the sugar is converted into acid by germs and these acids attack the enamel and cause decay. This attack lasts approximately 1 hour. If you try to keep sugary foods to meal times only, you or your child are only having three sugar attacks a day. Most people’s teeth can withstand this. Thorough brushing and removal of plaque and food debris is also essential.

How can you care for your child’s teeth?

  • Do not allow sugary foods and drinks except at meal times. Any snacks or drinks should be sugar free.
  • Supervise and help with brushing both in the morning and at bedtime. Take extra care at bedtime. Use a pea size blob of fluoride toothpaste and spit only instead of rinsing after brushing.
  • Visit a dentist regularly.


How can you tell which products have sugar in them?

Sugar often appears on food labels hidden under different names. Look out for dextrose, dextrose syrup, syrup, glucose, fructose, sucrose and maltose.

Any kind of sugar can cause decay – white, brown, cane, caster, icing, pure granulated, honey, golden syrup, molasses, treacle and maple syrup.


Both fizzy drinks and squashes are high in sugar and bad for your teeth. A can of fizzy drink can contain between 6 and 11 teaspoons of sugar. Diet drinks contain less sugar but they can also contain phosphoric acid to help them fizz. This acid attacks the enamel on your teeth in a process called erosion.

The best and safest thing to drink between meals is pure still water (not carbonated or fizzy), such as simple tap water. Save fruit juices, squashes and fizzy drinks for meal times, occasional treats and parties. Don’t add sugar to tea.

Never leave a toddler or child with a bottle or cup of squash, fruit juice or fizzy drink, or give them any of these to go to bed with. Water is always the safest option.

If children have been used to drinking only squashes and fizzy drinks etc. between meals and at night, they may object to water at first. Try diluting their usual drink with water and then gradually dilute with more and more water over time and eventually replace the drink entirely with plain water.


Avoid giving snacks whenever possible.

If a snack is necessary, try to encourage choosing from the following: crackers, rice crackers, bread sticks, savoury sandwiches, pita bread fingers with low fat cheese spread, cottage cheese, chunks of low fat cheese such as Edam or Gouda, toast, muffins, crumpets with savoury toppings, fruit and vegetable pieces.

Try to replace flavoured crisps with plain crisps. Many flavoured crisps have sugar in the flavouring and the type that melt in your mouth like Wotsits, Chipsticks, Quavers and especially skips have high sugar content in the prawn flavouring. Many foods contain hidden sugars always read the labels!


Children need help with brushing until at least the age of nine and should have supervision for a few more years after that.

It is very important to brush and make sure that teeth are thoroughly clean before going to bed. You also need to brush first thing every morning. You should gently clean every tooth surface, as well as the gums. A small-headed tooth brush is essential to be able to reach to the very back teeth especially in small mouths.

It doesn’t matter if you use a manual, battery or electric toothbrush (make sure these are fully charged for best effect) but brushing should take between 2-3 minutes not just a few seconds.

Toothbrushes need changing every 2-3 months. Using a fluoride toothpaste helps to strengthen teeth and reduce decay. Using a small pea size blob is enough. If the gums bleed it may well be because the plaque has been allowed to build up and made the gums sore. Ignore the bleeding and brush gently but thoroughly to keep both the gums and teeth clean, they will soon stop bleeding. If they do not, then arrange to see a dentist. Once children are over 5 years old they should use adult toothpaste.

Visiting a Dentist

Register your children with a dentist and take them along regularly so that they get used to going.

Hope it all makes sense and as always feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


Inhalation sedation. What is it all about?

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Anna OHIInhalation sedation or better known as ‘happy gas’  is a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen. It is a safe and effective way to help you relax!

IS works very well for extraction of children’s deciduous teeth, or simple restorative treatment. It is also beneficial for orthodontic extractions, especially if it’s the first time the child has needed dental treatment. It makes their experience a lot kinder and easier.

Anna is a member of the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry and SAAD. She has vast experience and knowledge in treating children successfully, with and without IS. Anna is happy to provide an advice-only service if required, to determine whether treatment under IS would be a suitable option.

Anna has been working within the Special Care community Dentistry Service for twelve years. She worked for seven years at Farnham Hospital and currently also works at Aldershot Health Centre, providing treatment for children under IS, referred by their Dentist.

Overview of charges:

  • Consultation: £59
  • RA per session, usually 1 hour: £110 (as an example, four orthodontic extractions would usually be carried out over two one hour appointments).
  • Treatment of deciduous teeth: £50 per tooth
  • Extractions:
  • Premolars – £83
  • Molars – £107

Need more details? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes


Belated Happy New Year 2016!

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It’s a bit later than usual but I would like to say Happy New Year to all our patients and colleagues! Thank you for all your support over 2015. We are now getting settled into 2016 and we hope we continue to our excellent service into 2016 and beyond.

Over the next year I hope to blog just a little more and hopefully give you an idea as to what we do at Odiham Dental Care.

Having a Team meal.

For a start I am now available at the practice more hours although that time seems to be filling up quickly. After 4 years of service I decided to leave my role as a Domiciliary Dental Officer. The experience was fantastic and will miss my patients and the Staff. It has allowed me to gain some invaluable knowledge which I can bring into Odiham Dental, for example dental care of the elderly – I’ll blog on this later in the year.

If there is anything you would like me to blog about just ask and I’ll try my best!

Hope to see you soon

Best wishes for a happy 2016!