Root Canal Treatments

The  nerves within a tooth can become infected if it has been damaged extensively,  due to decay or trauma, for example.

  • A safe and effective way of saving these teeth is to  clean out the nerves in the root canal, then seal the tooth to prevent further  infection.Nethmin - Dental treatment
  • A crown may then be required to support the tooth  and create a final seal around the tooth for the long term.
  • Root canal treatments are complex and should never  be rushed.
  • We use single-use nickel titanium rotary files which  safely and efficiently clean the infected nerve.
  • The teeth treated are isolated prior to cleaning the  root canal to maintain sterility and ensure safety for our clients.
  • Accurate electronic measurements are taken to ensure  the best results.
  • We use a microscope to ensure we clean out the nerves in the root canal as well as possible.

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