Inhalation sedation. What is it all about?

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Anna OHIInhalation sedation or better known as ‘happy gas’  is a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen. It is a safe and effective way to help you relax!

IS works very well for extraction of children’s deciduous teeth, or simple restorative treatment. It is also beneficial for orthodontic extractions, especially if it’s the first time the child has needed dental treatment. It makes their experience a lot kinder and easier.

Anna is a member of the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry and SAAD. She has vast experience and knowledge in treating children successfully, with and without IS. Anna is happy to provide an advice-only service if required, to determine whether treatment under IS would be a suitable option.

Anna has been working within the Special Care community Dentistry Service for twelve years. She worked for seven years at Farnham Hospital and currently also works at Aldershot Health Centre, providing treatment for children under IS, referred by their Dentist.

Overview of charges:

  • Consultation: £59
  • RA per session, usually 1 hour: £110 (as an example, four orthodontic extractions would usually be carried out over two one hour appointments).
  • Treatment of deciduous teeth: £50 per tooth
  • Extractions:
  • Premolars – £83
  • Molars – £107

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