Price List

Please find our price list below. It includes most of the common items of treatment.

We use the highest quality materials. From time to time newer materials become available and cost of material changes. This may result in a slight change in the prices; however we will always keep you informed.

Consultation Fees

New Patient registration (includes full dental examination, 2 small x-rays, study models and full written report if required) £62
Routine dental examination (includes 2
small x-rays if required)
Emergency assessment (registered patients.
Includes up to 2 x -rays if required)
New patient emergency
Child dental examination under 12 yrs of age (parent/ guardian
must be registered)
12-18 yr £25

Free dental examination for expectant mothers (proof may be required)


X-ray Fees

small x ray (each) £7.75
DPT (full head x- ray) £44.50



Hygienist Session
Treatment of gum disease (per session) £115- £215



White Fillings £95 to £280
Silver amalgam fillings from £100
Fissure sealant £33 per tooth
Treatment of milk teeth £53.50


Root Canal Therapy

Incisor/canine £238
Premolar £305
Molar £415


White  £590 each
White (Porcelain bonded to precious metal) £590 each
Gold (18ct) from £590 each
Replacement Veneers £600 each


Tooth Whitening

Home Whitening 2-4 hours daily (or overnight) for approx 2 weeks
Home Whitening 30- 1hr daily for approx 2 weeks
Zoom Whitening with home whitening kit £481



Consultation  £94
Implants (includes implant crown) £2488 approx each



(includes all aftercare and antibiotics if required)
Adult incisor/premolar simple extraction
£92 per tooth
Adult molar simple extraction £155 per tooth
Adult surgical extraction £250 per tooth
Child extraction milk tooth £55 per tooth



Full upper and lower £1150
Partial acrylic plate £485
Partial chrome-cobalt plate £1035
Repairs £108.50
Reline £115
Tooth additions £114 for first
each additional tooth £39



Dispensing prescription drugs £8.50
Sports-guard from £89.50
Night-guard from £190
Study models FREE
Cosmetic mock-ups on study models £42per tooth
Jaw registration record £55




We request that you make payment after each visit. We accept all cards and cash. Sorry we do not accept cheques.